• Chapter 6. Humanity’s Leap Into the Golden Era > The Earth is Ascending to the Higher Galactic Civilization
      • II. The Earth is Ascending to the Higher Galactic 

        Concerning the ascending of our planet, that is the universal plan for our planet that we should catch up, that we should ascend with other higher, spiritually developed planets. That is the plan. But the humans are given free will, and for that free will, they have not been using it wisely.

        Learn from the Lessons of Mars and Venus

        Earth merging with other [planets] in the galaxy—that’s a big vision. We only need to look at our own neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, to see that the vision is bleak, is disastrous, if we don’t make the right choice, the right change now.

        Any planetary scientist knows that Mars and Venus went through dramatic atmospheric changes in the past, similar to what we have begun to experience right now. Long ago, Mars and Venus were once a lot like our planet—they had water, life and people similar to us. But the inhabitants of Mars and Venus destroyed their respective planetary homes because they raised too much livestock, and the gases released triggered an irreversible greenhouse-gas effect, plus poisonous hydrogen sulfide in the case of Mars. So, that’s why we see only the traces of the landforms and oceans that once used to be there.

        Around five-billion planets have been destroyed or in similar fate as Venus or Mars. Only those planets that have inhabitants with a low level of consciousness have been destroyed or ruined, not the high level ones.

        And on Venus, the atmosphere is so heated and choked up with CO2— carbon dioxide—scientists thus called it “runaway global warming,” and say this is what the future of Earth might be like.

        The planets that were saved from destruction, like Venus, were saved because their societies became vegan —I mean the ones that are saved. I mentioned there were four Venuses—only two of them were saved because their societies became vegan. The other two Venuses were destroyed —one is completely gone, one is boiling hot, uninhabitable, because they have not been vegan.

        Most of the people on Mars did not know, or did not listen that the veg diet was the solution. The Martians went through destruction once and never forgot the painful lesson, and they were kind enough to send their message for Earth’s humans through our contact. Their message is: Be virtuous, save your home before it is too late.

        We are near there; we are almost at the point of no return. That is why we continuously try right now to spread the solution message: vegetarian diet. It offers physical power to stop the global warming because it has a moral power. It has a scientific power, like, “Like attracts like.” We have to respect life, and then we will beget life.

        Noble Friends in the Galaxies are Waiting

        As many as non-vegetarian planets, there are also as many vegetarian planets. It’s countless, countless. In our galaxy alone, they’re countless already. And these vegetarian-society planets, they’re more advanced than us. They even have traveling belts. There are much more that we could never dream of.

        These people in those societies, they can enjoy a lot of time for their leisure, and develop their hobbies and their talents, and discover their dormant capabilities as well. Therefore, in such a society, there are many wonderful inventions have been born. And many wonderful things happen because people are relaxed and do what they do best. No one ever worries about lacking physical necessities, so their lives are full of freedom and happiness. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

        All such societies are also vegan, I told you. Their concept of life is very clear—very clear, very selfless, unconditional, very intelligent. I have not seen a single civilization so advanced and happy, joyful that is not a vegan society.

        Also, once we stop the killing, then we will generate a more loving, kind and inviting atmosphere for other noble beings in the galaxy to perhaps join us or be in contact with us.

        If, somehow, we have the fortune to know this kind of planet, or this kind of developed being, then the happiness and peace of that planet or of those people will make us feel such an ache to be there, and not care so much for the gain and blame of this world. We will just leave this world anytime if we have a chance to join them. But as we are not as developed as they are —spiritually, mentally and psychologically and virtue-wise—some of us are not, so we cannot be so close to them, nor that we cannot join them, nor that our planet could be ranked as one of them.

        So they are waiting eagerly. They’ve been transmitting messages to us that we should develop more so that we can catch up with the whole galaxy system, and that they’re always standing by to help us to elevate our level of spiritual understanding, mental capability as well as technology.

        They will not force their will upon us either. They are waiting, waiting and waiting for us to be ready. So long as we do not choose to live according to high universal standards, we will have difficulty in finding peace within ourselves, much more so with other beings in the universe. We will be out of touch with our neighboring planets’ citizens, thus, we do not know their existence.

        However, it’s not difficult to change all this. We will just have to return to our original, loving self because that’s what we are. We are love. We are divine. We are compassion. We are all the best in the universe. It’s just we forget.
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