• Chapter 5. Immediate Global Shift to a Plant-Based Diet > I. The World Needs the Media’s Noble Services and Leadership
      • I.  The World Needs the Media’s Noble Services 
             and Leadership

        The media has a very great, heroic, noble role to save the world at this moment in our history.  And while saving lives, the media also can save the loving, noble quality in human hearts as well.

        The printed words are very powerful.  People are too busy with their daily activities, so they look to the media for informing and reporting relevant events, important matters, and all necessary information for their lives.  So, the media is a useful tool to awaken one another at this crucial time, a time when our planet and the lives on it are in danger.

        I’m so glad to see many television and radio channels starting to broadcast about the urgent situation of our planet, and even the solution of the vegan diet, which is the switch that we have to make, very small change: piece of meat out, vegetarian protein in.  That’s it—just a small change, everyone can afford.  And it’s cheaper, healthier.

        The media helps a lot to point people in the direction of the solution. In fact, the most urgent role of the media right now is to become vegan themselves—compassionate, noble and doing good deeds and to inform people of this urgent action.  They should be an example, the media.

        The media is a huge, huge help in reminding people to go in this upward direction. Encourage people through your work to become vegan, to save human lives, animal lives, and the environment.  Because the vegan diet, though simple, is the giant stepping stone that would bring us higher in our evolution.  Besides, time is running out for our planet.  We must act fast to save lives.

        Every newspaper, every day when printing out the newspaper, could just print one sentence: “Be Veg.  Go Green.” That’s it, so easy.  All the newspapers can do that.  Just one headline somewhere “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet”

        I wish all the media would display a veg announcement every day on TV, newspapers, radio, etc., even on billboards, films, or movies, computer boards.  Everywhere this should be the topmost concern topic.

        All the media should help to save the planet because if the planet’s gone, everybody’ll be gone.  Everybody should realize that.  Money—useless, house—useless, power—useless.  So we do what we can to make people realize that.  We have to save the only planet that we have and the most beautiful one that we know.  It’s the only one we know.
        Be a true, honest friend to human society: warning everyone of any harmful situation; bringing new connections and data to light, like the urgent link between meat and global warming; giving chances for people to choose a better way of life; and being a brave voice, a heroic voice especially for the voiceless, including animals who suffer so much, so much, because we are all related and affected.

        The world needs the media’s noble service and leadership.  So please, all the courageous journalists, do what you do best: Tell the truth about how we are to save the planet.
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