• Letter Of Appreciation
      • Letter Of Appreciation

        Most Excellent and Honorable government leaders; Holy, Eminent and
        Reverend leaders of the world’s esteemed religions; distinguished members
        of the media; and noble members of the public:

        With heartfelt gratitude, we are excited to share the good news that
        the continuation of our precious planet has been extended for another half
        century and counting.

        We extend our sincere thanks for all of your noble endeavors. Such
        combined efforts have led to the further safeguarding of the Earth and her

        These wise and considerate actions include participation in campaigns
        and protective laws encouraging adoption of healthier living, greater peace,
        unity and civil rights, animal welfare, humanitarian works, social programs
        and environmental conservation.

        Even though I have not met you personally, I feel like we are working
        as a team to secure and foster the harmonious existence among all life on
        our magnificent planet.

        We look forward to continuing these noble efforts together, more now
        than ever before to further ensure a peaceful, more advanced, and abundant
        world for all beings.
        Respectfully yours,
        Supreme Master Ching Hai

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