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    •   July 18, 2011   
    • Sound of the whales
    • Sound of The whales

      The beautiful ocean occupies two thirds of the surface of our Mother Earth. In this blue underwater world twice the size of the land mass, there inhabit numerous species that humans have never seen before. However, human race’s wonderful neighbors in the sea have suffered greatly since last century due to rapid growth of the fishing industry. Up to the present, 90% of the large fish in the ocean have disappeared due to overfishing and climate change. ~SMCH http://crisis2peace.org

      Let’s take whales for example. Known as the giants of the ocean, whales are extremely tender, loving beings. Humans still do not know much about whales except the fact that they are sociable, friendly beings, and they have harmonious, long lasting family ties. Their life in the ocean is simply happy and full of love. The mother and her offspring’s have an extremely deep bond, often staying together for many years. Whales are also very expressive physically and sonically. Even while they are far apart, they can still communicate with one another. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9450, http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6520

      Whales seem to be the most musical among all animals. The sound of whales is beautiful and unique. At an interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai, photographer Bryan Austin shared an extraordinary experience underwater while he listened to a male whale singing to a female whale. The male’s deep, romantic tune lasted as long as twenty minutes. Mr. Austin expressed that it was one of the most wonderful experiences he had ever had. He felt the sea water around him vibrated with the melody. People would often be touched into tears upon hearing the songs of the whales. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/8028

      However, these gentle, musical, family-loving and peaceful giants have become one of the most hunted marine animals in the ocean. Many whale species are now only 2% to 20% of their population a hundred years ago. Ancient species such as the gray whale, the bowhead whale and the narwhal whale have only one hundred to one hundred twenty heads left in the world. Fishing is the main cause for the rapid reduction of the whale population. Particularly in the past fifty years, humans have been murdering marine mammals at a speed and massive scale never seen before, only to satisfy their insatiable appetite for whale meat. In1988 the international whaling Commission established the law to ban global commercial whaling. Yet three member countries, Japan, Norway and Iceland still managed to use the loopholes in the law to continue killing whales year after year, numbering up to one thousand heads each country per year. Their actions amount to massacring that could lead to the extinction of the whale species.

      Humans not only kill the whales at an unprecedented number and speed, they also employ extremely cruel whaling methods. A whaling boat would drive deep into the ocean where whales gather and feed. As the boat approaches, the whalers would shoot a whale with a harpoon with a grenade head which would explode inside the whale, causing massive internal injury. Sometimes blood gushes out from the mouth of the whale. The harpoon pierces deeply into the bones and muscles of the whale which allows the whalers to drag it toward the boat. The entire process would cause the whale excruciating pain. When the whale is exhausted from pain and struggling, it would be pulled close to the ship and then put out of its misery by a few gun shots. Such a barbaric modern whaling method is inhumane to the extreme. The cruelty involved in murdering the whales is the shame of the entire human race. www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9511

      At an interview with the Supreme Master Television, Mr. Paul Watson, founder of the international anti-whaling organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, expressed that he had engaged in anti-whaling activities for forty years and had witness the whales going through unspeakable pain. “Whales are no double very highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. [During whaling,]we would hear them scream. It’s probably one of the cruelest ways to slaughter any wildlife species because it takes so long to kill a whale.” http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9450

      A significant numbers of whales killed are pregnant. Any human who has been a mother will be able to empathize with the pain and suffering of a female whale who is about to die with her unborn child. And for those close-knit whale pods, the pain they feel when losing their family members should be quite similar to any human who loses his or her own kin. What have the whales done to humans to deserve such cruel treatment and the possible fate of extinction? http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/6520

      Supreme Master Ching Hai, poet, artist, humanitarian and spiritual teacher, has mentioned more than once that whales are extremely loving creatures. They come to this world to give love to the planet. They balance the energy of the world with their love. In an interview with the Irish Dog Journal in 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed:

      “Actually, some experienced telepathic animal communicators have given us messages from the animals. You see, the seals and the whales emanate a great incredible power of divine love, an unconditional love that could be likened to that between a mother and her child. They anchor and distribute this wave of love across our planet. Because human kind lack of love and kindness, animals like seals and whales have been born to help fill in this missing void. And it is this love that is sustaining our planet and keeping it from destruction up to now. So we should never, ever hunt and kill these noble gracious helpers of humankind and the planet. ”
      ~ Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai, Published in The Irish Dog Journal, Dec. 16, 2009. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9511

      People who have a loving heart may know how important whales are for the humans and for the planet, and that’s why they devoted all their life to protecting the whales. Members of the Sea Shepherd, Nora and Greenpeace have sacrificed their time and risked their life to protect the whales. They interfere with the whaling boat on the sea and try to negotiate with or to stop them from killing these noble being. To honor one of the anti-whaling heroes, Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd, for his brave endeavor in protecting the whales, in September 2010, Supreme Master Ching Hai awarded him “the Shining World Hero Award.”

      In February 2011, Japan’s whaling fleet shortened its whaling season and left the Southern Ocean. Hearing the wonderful news, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$50,000 to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to further their noble cause of whale saving. http://www.suprememastertv.tv/bbs/tb.php/download/9450

      “All we need to do is to follow the international conservation law and its regulations,” Capitan Paul Walton told the governments and public of those whaling countries.

      We hope that all killing of marine lives stops immediately, so the ocean will restore its tranquility and peace. Moreover, as consumers, we must stop eating fish as well as all animal products, so that such gentle beings as whales can continue to thrive on our planet and be part of the future of the humankind and the lives of our children.  


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