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    •   December 29, 2011   
    • Largest International Conference in Paris on the Organic Vegan Way as Mega Solution
    • October 30, 2011.  Paris, France.  The largest international conference to ever be held in Paris on the ‘Organic Vegan Way of Life’ took place on October 30th at Hall ASIEM- 6, rue Albert de Lapparent, 75007 Paris.  


      More than 300 people attended this free confidence as guests of organisers, EVA (Belgian association that initiated the first meatless day in Europe) and Noble Creations (French distributor of the book From Crisis to Peace).  The attendees were warmly welcomed by actress Evelyne Christ-Dassas and Co-Organizer Tobias Leenaert who hosted the conference. Mr. Leenaert later commented on the very strong love that touched him during the event.


      The conference celebrated the remarkable launch in many languages of the European edition of the book From Crisis to Peace - The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer.  Authored by Master Ching Hai, the book was released either on the internet and/or hard copy in 2011 (English and Spanish in 2010) in the following languages: Aulacese, Chinese, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Korean, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Swedish.


      Master Ching Hai is the 2006 Gusi Peace Prize laureate and inspiration for ‘Loving Hut’, the international vegan restaurant chain. She is a world renowned humanitarian, peacemaker, environmentalist, and Amazon #1 best-selling author of many books including The Noble Wilds, The Dogs in My Life, and The Birds in My Life. A spiritual teacher, and acclaimed artist, she is recognized worldwide for her humanitarian outreach and global campaign to establish peace and a winning climate change solution. Master Ching Hai is a television pioneer having started a constructive global news station that broadcasts worldwide via satellite and Internet in an unprecedented 60 languages.


      Numerous French vegetarian, vegan, civic associations and other organisations joined hands to discuss the multiple benefits of everyone adopting an organic vegan lifestyle including better health, end to many diseases, prevention of runaway global heating, healthier air and our oceans reviving.


      Outstanding Speakers drew a very clear, serious and complete conclusion that the vegan organic movement is critical to urgently create a safer world for our children and children of all species.  Speakers included:

      Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (by video greeting);
      Karen Soeters - Dutch Director of Meat the Truth, the much-lauded and deeply moving documentary film that toured the world; Tobias Leenaert - Director of the Belgian EVA association, initiator of the first European Meatless Day in Ghent, Belgium; Renato Pichler - President of the Swiss Union for Vegetarianism and President of the European Vegetarian Union; Jim McNamara - Educational Director of the Organic College in Limerick, Ireland; Doctor Jérôme–Bernard Pellet - French vegan doctor and Co-founder of Apsares, Organization of Health Professionals for a Responsible Diet; Deborah Brown Pivain - Manager of Gentle Gourmet in Paris, President of Paris Vegan Day and initiator of the European Eating Different campaign; Christian Vagedes - Famous German designer and President of the German Vegan Association.


      Topics included:  Protecting Organic Seeds and the Dangers of GMO Crops; Organic Vegan Farming; "Only the Love can save our Planet"; Impact of livestock on Climate Change; Ghent - Introduction of Meat-Free Day, Drawing up Balance after 3 years experience; Eating Differently European Campaign; Successful European Organic Vegan Companies; Veganizing the World: Make Love your Goal; Organic Vegan Diet and Health; The Real Cost of the Meat Industry for the World Economy; Why I became a Vegetarian (testimony of a slaughterhouse official visitor); and a new unhealthy decree making obligatory the consumption of animal protein at each meal in French school canteens.

      Conference Guests were treated to a beautiful exposition of photographs from the book The Noble Wilds as well as a delicious vegan buffet.
      For more information and photos contact lidanli@gmx.de.

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