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      The solution that we are proposing, like focusing on reducing fossil fuels, won’t give fast enough results for us because carbon dioxide, once released into the atmosphere, stays for centuries or more. Scientists are now saying that we must take advantage of shorter-lived emissions like methane—which heats the atmosphere 100 times more than CO2 but disappears quickly, in 9 or 12 years, and black carbon (or soot)—which generates 4,470 times more warming potential than CO2 but disappears within a few weeks.

      These are very, very dangerous heat trapping gases but they disappear quickly. If we eliminate them we will cool the planet in a few years. So it’s the emergency brake that we need, and the place to start is the livestock industry. Because livestock industry, animal raising, generates the largest human-made source of methane; it is also a very large source of black carbon, or soot, and accounts for at least 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions that heat up our planet.

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