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    •   Jan., 12, 2012   
    • Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Interview with Radio Host, James Bean
    • In a recent interview with Mr. James Bean, host of American radio program “Spiritual Awakening,” Supreme Master Ching Hai, world renowned spiritual teacher and philanthropist, talked extensively about her   book published in 2010, From Crisis to Peace: the Vegan Way is the Only Answer.  In this interview, Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed issues concerning the current state and the future of our planet: global warming, animals’ suffering, vegan laws, world peace, and more.


      Mr. Bean praised Supreme Master Ching Hai as an early voice that has lead the way on promoting the vegan diet as the best solution to climate change.  He noted that more and more people around the world including religious leaders, world leaders, and common folks, have since joined the vegan trend.  Mr. Bean himself, a long-time spiritual practitioner, was so inspired by Supreme Master’s words that he changed from a lacto diet into a pure plant-based one.

      Mr. Bean asked Supreme Master Ching Hai how she came to know about the link between the relationship between people’s meat-eating habit and our current climate woes.  She indicated that through intuitive inner knowledge and visions, she had seen the devastating consequences in the form of natural disasters caused by greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon, a great proportion of them from the billions of livestock that humans slaughter yearly to satisfy their palate.  Her inner knowledge was then supported by numerous scientific studies that she personally researched.

      In her book, From Crisis to Peace,  there are quotes from a 2010 study published in the World Watch magazine , by revered scientists Dr. Robert Goodland and Dr. Jeff Anhang.  The authors conclude that the biggest culprit of global warming is not the CO2 produced by the industries or transportation as commonly believed.  The largest contributor to the greenhouse gases is in fact what humans raise for food – the livestock.  Their meticulously researched statistics shows that the sheer astronomical number of animals raised and slaughtered by humans yearly (6 billions) contributes to 51% of the greenhouse effect, far surpassing the 13% total of greenhouse gases emitted by all world transportation combined.The authors then propose that a global shift to a plant-based diet will be the only sure way to reverse global warming in a short period of time, a solution long advocated by Supreme Master Ching Hai.


      In her book From Crisis to Peace, Supreme Master Ching Hai uses fact-based data to show that when humans eliminate meat and dairy from their diet, this simple act will quickly remove 37% of the short-lived greenhouse gases such as methane (72 times more potent than CO2) and 65% of nitrous Oxide (296 times more potent than CO2) from the atmosphere. Then, by restoring the land currently used for grazing animals or growing animal feed to natural forests or grassland, and by using the land for organic farming, the vegetation will absorb another 40% of the carbon from the atmosphere, according to a Dutch study.


      However, in the book, Supreme Master Ching Hai warns that if humans’ demand for meat continues, there will be catastrophic consequences.  The increasingly erratic weather world-wide is a clear sign of more devastating disasters to come.

      During the interview, Supreme Master Ching Hai again and again emphasizes a simple cosmic principle, the law of cause and effect, meaning every action provokes a reaction.  This is a law of physics as well as a spiritual law.  It is stated in the Bible, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  Similarly, in Buddhism and Hinduism, this principle is called the law of karma (retribution.)  As Master Ching Hai says, “This is very logical and very scientific.  We don’t have to follow a religion or any meditation group, any guru, in order to even see this.” 


      A compassionate vegetarian since childhood, Supreme Master Ching Hai pleads to people during this interview to reflect on the moral implications of meat-eating.  From raising animals in filthy, cramp crates to slaughtering them in the most inhumane way, people have caused excruciating pain to these innocent beings.  But the cruelty goes even far beyond the slaughter houses.  Animal farming has caused dire environmental pollution in the soil, water and air.  Precious marine lives have died from chemical fertilizer and pesticide runoff. Vast areas of dead zone have appeared in the oceans where no life can survive due to the toxins and the lack of oxygen.  Furthermore, massive-scale fishing practice has already depleted 80% of all big fish in the ocean.   In a word, to sustain our habit of meat-eating (including seafood), we are not only causing insufferable pain to the innocent animals but destroying our planet home.


      Supreme Master Ching Hai minces no words, “We might even lose the whole human race if we continue this way.  There are even more sufferings awaiting us after our death even, if we don’t stop our bloody, gruesome acts toward all animals and man.”

      To ensure that our future generations have even a planet to live on, it is imperative that we as a human race make an immediate swift to the vegan diet. 



      Ask by the host to expound on her proposal to the government to enact vegan laws, Supreme Master Ching Hai enumerates fool-proof reasons as to why this will benefit the people (aside from the bigger picture of stopping global warming.)  Such laws will surely help the people live healthier and longer, protect the environment and the rainforest, save precious resources such as water and land, and on top of all, save money for the government and the people and boost the economy.  She then urges all government leaders to first set an example by becoming vegan themselves, and then, she believes, the citizens will follow their example.  Supreme Master Ching Hai also urges the media to help push the government to pass this important law. 


      When asked by Mr. Bean how humans can get beyond war (a common concern of all conscionable world citizen,) Supreme Master Ching Hai indicates that if the governments enact the vegan law, they will not only save the planet from catastrophic destruction, but will bring about the ultimate world peace. Supreme Master Ching Hai sincerely wishes that people around the world would open their heart to perceive the truth.  As she says, “The vegan law is the mark of a more civilized society…when compassion or universal love is the norm  and we will be above hatred and vengeance.” And “if we do not kill animals, then we will not kill man, and peace will be naturally achieved.”


      Ever  optimistic about the innate goodness in human nature, Supreme Master Ching Hai says, “I do believe that our planet is on the threshold of constructive change for the better of all the inhabitants, including animals, trees, and plants.”  She reveals that all humans, animals, plants and even minerals have God Quality within, which is the untarnished nature of the universal power of love.  The more loving, the more selfless a being is, the more noble that being would be.


      When people forsake meat and adopts a benevolent vegan lifestyle, they will enter a higher consciousness because of the love in them has manifested.  Collectively, they will create a peaceful atmosphere on earth.  Then, as Supreme Master Ching Hai promises, “the war-like atmosphere, war energies, will die down, and peace will be emerging like a miracle.”


      Mr. Bean asked Supreme Master Ching Hai what individuals could do at this point of time.  She suggested that they help promote the vegan trend by passing out information, getting into the vegan food supply business, plant vegetables, and most of all, write letters to leaders of the government.  She also urges people to “intensively meditate for peace and for a vegan world” to help manifest this noble goal.


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