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    •   Dec., 11, 2011   
    • COP 17: awareness on organic vegan diet solution to climate change
    • As the COP 17 negotiations come to a close here in Durban, members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association have continued to raise awareness about the effective organic vegan diet solution to climate change.

      Many of the summit participants have received SOS bags containing literature and DVDs to help inform their decision making. Over 700 bags were distributed in cooperation with 11 hotels, all of whom agreed to help deliver the bags to their guests attending the conference.

      Also in Durban this past week, the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands held an event to raise awareness on the urgent need to address the state of the world’s oceans as part of the climate equation.

      Supreme Master Ching Hai : You can see that the dead fish are covering the whole entire surface of water. You don’t see water. You only see dead fish floating on top. It’s a horrible sight to witness.  As I have said before, if the world’s people all become vegans, nature will rebound almost before our eyes, almost overnight, and we may see the oceans healthy again.

      Moreover, around the world, countless enormous ocean dead zones will have a chance to return to life.

      Also, when we stop vacuuming all the poor fish out of the sea, they will have a chance to restore the balance in the oceans. We desperately need the fish in the sea to balance the ocean; otherwise our lives will be in danger. God puts them there for a reason. When the ocean is healthy again, even the dead coral reefs will revive themselves.

      Imagine! Nature is miraculous and incredible. But in order to witness nature’s recovery, we must not let our current way of life continue.

      Extra News
      Warning on December 1, 2011 that the likelihood of repeating this past summer's drought is very high for next year, the United Kingdom’s Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman calls on companies and individuals to begin conserving water now.


      In a report released December 1, 2011, a team of 121 scientists from 14 nations concluded that global warming has created a new and higher temperature average in the Arctic,with warmer air and ocean temperatures that are yielding thinner, younger and diminishing amounts of summer sea ice.



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