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    •   Dec.8, 2011   
    • South African legislative and traditional leader joins vegan advocacy to halt climate change.

    • With increased intensity and frequency being noted in extreme weather events such as floods and droughts as well as rising sea levels across the globe, experts at the United Nations Climate Change Conference underway in Durban, South Africa have been raising concerns on the climate refugee issue.

      During a 2009 interview with The House Magazine in the UK, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with urgent concern about the climate change refugees.

      Supreme Master Ching Hai : A decade ago, there were 25 million climate change refugees - with the estimate now of 1 billion by 2050. Estimate. These are people forced from their homes and communities due to rising sea levels and a host of other natural disasters, so-called natural disasters, but in fact these are all man-made.

      As a result, more and more countries may have to help cope with the swell of displaced people, hoping they can - if we even can cope with it. In this dire situation when all countries already have to cope with different problems – financial crisis, food crisis - and we have to cope with this sudden surge of immeasurable force
      of refugees.

      These situations will only worsen, not improve, until we stop the cause.  This means to halt the livestock production and meat consumption. I can never emphasize this enough.  If humans switch to the vegan diet, the Earth will begin cooling immediately and many of these dilemmas can even be reversed. So please, be veg and do good, to save the planet and all the beings on it.

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