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    •   18 Nov 2011   
    • Widening effects of climate change on human health.
    • In an article published in the US-based The Atlantic newspaper, Dr. (MD) Paul Epstein, Harvard Medical School's associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment, highlighted several key ways that humanity is already being harmed by climate change effects.

      Supreme Master Ching Hai : We should fuel the economy with the cleanest fuel to keep our air, our water and land clean and our health in good condition, because everything that is not good for the environment is not good for our health as well. All the chemicals of the agriculture, all the waste from the animal agriculture, run off into the river, into our stream, into the ocean, and we drink this water. We use the ocean. Everything will affect our health.

      That’s why people are more sick nowadays despite all the new inventions, new discoveries of medicines and different fashions, more hospitals than ever before, when we say we were not so developed right now.

      Also, we should not just fuel our system with the clean fuel, but we also should fuel ourselves with the best, most clean and efficient energy source as well.

      Our best fuel is vegan food, the life-saving organic vegan food. It benefits the climate physically and also creates a benevolent atmosphere around us.
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