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    •   April 19 2011   
    • News from Chili
    • Some devoted readers of From Crisis to Peace went to the parliament and delivered the Supreme Master's book to Deputies and Senators. A letter signed by Master was also sent to their government leaders. They were also with Senator Alejandro Navarro, chairman of the Commission on the Environment. He was very kind and sent a word of thanks to Master.
      Senator Navarro invited these readers to the committee of Environment and, there, they also gave the book and the letter to the Minister of this department and to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Interior. And some words of Deputies and senators were delivered to Supreme Master TV. They also gave the book and a lot of information to a journalist, Raul Sohr. He is very famous in Chile, working in TV programs in a well-known channel in Chile and also gives lectures like "Energy, its future and the Environment and Climate Change". Hopefully he can help spread the message of veganism as the most important way to stop global warming.
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