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    •   27th Oct. 2012   
    • Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai during Loving the Silent Tears
    • Greetings and love!

      My sincere thanks to all who give your heart to this music assembly. Congratulations to you and the audience for this rare and joyful event.

      It is good that we still can celebrate in whichever way to beautify life on Earth as given by God. It is good that we still love, still enjoy, still share our goodness with all that coexist in this world and the next. It is good that we still believe in everything that is noble and positive, and Heavenly power will definitely prevail.

      To all involved in this musical event, blessed be your dedication to make this world a more enjoyable place, cheering up the mass and giving thanks to Heaven and Earth in this way. Though I couldn’t possibly watch the event, and though I am not aware of the content of the program in advance, I trust that it will be great, and all who watch will enjoy it hugely.

      Sorry that there is no high tech where I do intensive meditation at present, so this simple message will serve to convey my gratitude to you all and wishes for your success and happiness.

      As a token of love, I share with you good news—maybe just to help pacify all worrying hearts, all hearts that are concerned about the survival and wellness of all in this world.

      That good news is our planet will still be blessed to exist for 10,000 years more to come and will continue, depending on our goodness in the future. And for that, praised be God. Thanks to all co-inhabitants’ loving prayers and contributions in different aspects. As for my humble self, I also continue the best to support our common united endeavor to save this planet for this generation and countless next.

      Enjoy the show; thank you all again! May God bless the universe and protect our world.

      Love you!

      * This was a message from Supreme Master Ching Hai that was played during the musical "Loving the Silent Tears" that celebrated the 19th anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai day.
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