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    • Remarks from proofreader of Romanian version
    • A retired scientist is helping to proofread the book of Romanian version. She has been a vegetarian for several years, but she is still consuming milk and sometimes cakes with eggs and milk. When she got the files and she read everything, she was so shocked, she said that she never knew about the dire situation of our planet and she said that since that day, she will not consume any milk or eggs anymore, she will be vegan for the rest of her life.
      She also said that while she was reading the book, she could feel the love and the good positive intention of the author and her whole being became very relaxed and happy and her wisdom eye was vibrating very powerfully. She requested us to send her several copies when we will print the book, to share it with all her friends and others whom she knows.
      Finally, she said that "the design and the layout is exceptionally beautiful, very positive and very nice. This book gives you hope, brings you closer to nature and all beings"! and "thank for giving me this chance to contribute a little bit to the goodness on this planet, is wonderful!"

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